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HOIO und Cookuk

  • Das Tagebuch von Raum Nummer 8 (Susanne Vögeli und Jules Rifke)
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Grosse Projekte


Gewürze aus Santa Lemusa


An enchanted crown

Galdhøpiggen (Norway)
Ostflanke (above the glacier Styggebrean)
Tuesday, 30 July 2013

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There are things that we know, but that we nonetheless find hard to believe. Among them is the truth that humans are causing glaciers to melt via their activities: these parcels of ice have been lying around since a time when the world was utterly different and when it was not yet humankind that decided what their dimensions meant. The ice blocks have their claws dug firmly into the rocks, the forms of which they have themselves created, and also have their scarred and scaly backs to the sun. In doing so they have split the light up in such a way that it appears to the human eye as if the most heavenly blue is glowing inside them. Heavenliness sparks wishes in the human heart – and so we bestow the glacier with an enchanted crown along the way. Where will we be when our wish turns to speech, when the wish reaches the tip of the tongue of the ice-creature? We know it.

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First Publication: 7-8-2013