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Near Shuiguan

Scene 9

The balcony doors stood open and Maille brought his staggering colleague indoors and laid him on the couch. It seemed as though there was nobody in the house. Maille reached over Zhang's bag to pick up his mobile telephone and tried to rouse the agent sufficiently to call for help himself. He also found a packet of band-aids in the house and pressed one over the man's lips in order to stop the bleeding as much as possible. Then he lay down exhausted on the terrace. How happy he would have been laying on some other terrace – why not in the Tigre-Delta outside Buenos Aires.

Maille had suspected that Dr Hing must have a finger in the game. But why had an agent of the Chinese secret service met with an agent of the criminal? For what were the Chinese prepared to pay? Why hadn't they allowed the henchmen of Dr Hing to simply be arrested?