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Damascus, Hotel «Four Seasons»

Scene 2

Lend your voice to Hektor Maille! In Australia (Episode 11) Hektor Maille had perforce to perform twelve labours, all of which he completed successfully. But then, when he discovered that he had to travel from Darwin to Damascus, he was robbed of speech. Lend your voice to the Lemusan secret agent: write a commentary on this or any other scene from Episode 12 and send it via email to hektor.maille@gmail.com

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Orangensaft statt Rotwein

Kann und will man neu geboren werden? Was geschieht, wenn die selbständig gewordene Hand zum Orangensaft anstelle des Rotweins greift? Wie soll man handeln, wenn die Schilder orientalisch verschnörkelt in alle Richtungen weisen und man nicht nach Maries Telefonaten zu tanzen gewillt ist? Man lässt den Dingen ihren Lauf, erhebt «in shallah» zur Mission, auf dass die Geschichte einen selbst findet. 

Eva Dietrich, Damaskus, 13. September 2010

Around the World in 20 Tubs

From Thailand to Patagonia in a single breath, from Tokyo to Paris in a sigh. Maille-Mobil makes it possible: the tub. And the travelers themselves even don't have to squeeze through drainage pipes – it is sufficient to close the eyes, to dive, and to determine the location, where one would like to reemerge. Still undecided? Then choose one of 20 destinations which are listed here. Because in every episode of «Mission Kaki» there is a landing station for Maille-Mobil – quite the fastest way through the story.

  1. Santa Lemusa, Côte Chimerik, near Bandalis
  2. Dakar (Senegal), Hotel «Atlantique»
  3. Moscow, Hotel «Banna»
  4. Beijing, Hotel «Southern Rose»
  5. Island of Möja (Sweden), Björndalens Naturreservat
  6. Gwangju (Corea), Hotel «Ramada»
  7. Sharjah (UAE), «Radisson Blue Resort»
  8. Bangkok, Hotel «Atlanta»
  9. Siem Reap (Cambodia), Hotel «Golden Banana»
  10. Tokyo, Hotel «Villa Fontaine»
  11. Litchfield National Park (Australia, Northern Territory)
  12. Damascus (Syria), Hotel «Four Seasons»
  13. Lapataia Bay (Tierra del Fuego, Argentina)
  14. Antarctica
  15. Kinshasa (RDC), Résidence Suisse
  16. Jerusalem, Austrian Hospice
  17. San Clemente State Beach (California)
  18. Mumbai, Hotel «Suba Palace»
  19. Paris, Fine de claire
  20. 14°N / 58°W