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Tokyo, Hotel «Villa Fontaine»

Scene 8

Whether it might be possible for a fish to chirp?

While having a bath in his hotel the previous evening, Maille's thoughts had wandered not just to another place but to another story altogether. That was quite exceptional for him. While holding his breath as he splashed around underwater, he had seen himself clambering over the roofs of a Japanese village, fleeing from a bunch of gun-toting policemen. He sensed how a bullet had ripped out a good piece of skin and a minute bit of flesh from his shoulder. And he enjoyed the pain, the burning sensation all the more because he knew that he would very shortly fall through a roof into a house, where his cook and Marie would be waiting anxiously for him, ready with open boxes of bandages. That was just as it ought to be.

But before he could reach the nurses' station, his lungs ran out of air and he shot out of the water, gasping. His head was back in the trivial reality of his mission – which was evident by the simple fact that still the same old chanson was blaring out of the hotel TV. His shoulder burned slightly under the bath foam – quite as if it was still stuck in the true agent story. This then was the typical western dichotomy of body and head – inacted as a bathroom drama.

Around the World in 20 Tubs

From Thailand to Patagonia in a single breath, from Tokyo to Paris in a sigh. Maille-Mobil makes it possible: the tub. And the travelers themselves even don't have to squeeze through drainage pipes – it is sufficient to close the eyes, to dive, and to determine the location, where one would like to reemerge. Still undecided? Then choose one of 20 destinations which are listed here. Because in every episode of «Mission Kaki» there is a landing station for Maille-Mobil – quite the fastest way through the story.

  1. Santa Lemusa, Côte Chimerik, near Bandalis
  2. Dakar (Senegal), Hotel «Atlantique»
  3. Moscow, Hotel «Banna»
  4. Beijing, Hotel «Southern Rose»
  5. Island of Möja (Sweden), Björndalens Naturreservat
  6. Gwangju (Corea), Hotel «Ramada»
  7. Sharjah (UAE), «Radisson Blue Resort»
  8. Bangkok, Hotel «Atlanta»
  9. Siem Reap (Cambodia), Hotel «Golden Banana»
  10. Tokyo, Hotel «Villa Fontaine»
  11. Litchfield National Park (Australia, Northern Territory)
  12. Damascus (Syria), Hotel «Four Seasons»
  13. Lapataia Bay (Tierra del Fuego, Argentina)
  14. Antarctica
  15. Kinshasa (RDC), Résidence Suisse
  16. Jerusalem, Austrian Hospice
  17. San Clemente State Beach (California)
  18. Mumbai, Hotel «Suba Palace»
  19. Paris, Fine de claire
  20. 14°N / 58°W