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Love H Kiri's great Congo ABC

Oddly enough, Hektor Maille's stay in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Episode 15) turns out to be a veritable portrayal of the «Congo ABC» written by Love H Kiri – quite in the manner that the journeys and experiences of some tourists turn out to be an illustration of attractions and sights mentioned in the «Blue Guide» or the «Lonely Planet».

Love H Kiri is a columnist for «Leko» who specialises in travel reportage, country portraits and (often rather mischievous) «descriptions of foreign rituals and customs.» The special thing is that the lady has never ever left the island of Santa Lemusa: first out of the fear of having to get into vehicles that could crash on the roads or drown in the waters; later because of a defiant life principle.

This alphabet, too, even if written out from the farthest imaginable distance, is but an eloquent sign of failure: of the complete lack of having something of one's own to say on the subject. In the best-case scenario, one can consider this «ABC» as a struggle for the right to take a position as an individual, despite a complete lack of arguments and knowledge – not a loud one however, rather a kind of dumb perseverance.